Specialty Tours – our focus is to examine WWII battle sites through the stories of courage and grit of soldiers with boots on the ground while understanding the objectives crafted by military leaders and strategists.  You know “Ike” and Patton …now learn where and how PFC de Glopper (MOH), LTC Cole, Major Howie, and “ordinary” soldiers won the war.

Historian Steve Mrozek points out German positions above Dunes at Omaha Beach

Historian Steve Mrozek points out German positions above dunes at Omaha Beach

Visit the cliffs and beaches, don’t just “view” them!

Enjoy “behind the scenes” access to relics and remnants

Take a night-time hike – understand early action of D-Day

Ride to the battlefield in WWII vehicles

Meet witnesses who remember “our boys”

Stay in the heart of Normandy, Eindhoven and Bastogne

Walk in their footsteps to foxholes in the Ardennes

Have fun on the adventure with fellow WWII enthusiasts

Holding history - 1942 canopy shared with us by a gentleman farmer

Holding history – 1942 canopy from a farmer’s barn. We pondered its size, shape and story.

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